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  • 2-Nonanol

    CAS Nummer: 628-99-9

  • EINECS No: 211-065-1

  • Molekularformel: C9H2O

  • Molekulargewicht: 144.258 g/mol

  • Synonyme: 1-Methyl-1-octanol,2-Nonyl Alcohol,2-Nonanol,Nonan-2-ol,Heptyl methyl carbinol,2-Nonanol,Nonan-2-ol,Heptylmethylcarbinol

  • Beschreibung: 2-Nonanol is a secondary alcohol that is nonane substituted by a hydroxy group at position 2, it is found in alcoholic beverages. Its molecular formula is C9H20O.It has the odor of cucumber, and has been identified in oysters and used by several insects as pheromones.

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