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  • Sodium nitrate

    CAS Nummer: 7631-99-4

  • EINECS No: 231-554-3

  • Molekularformel: NaNO3

  • Molekulargewicht: 84.994 g/mol

  • Synonyme: sodiun nitrate,Caliche,Nitrate of soda,Nitratine,Soda niter,cubic niter,NaNO3,Sodium nitrate,Sodium Nitrate HQ untreated,test,Sodium nitrate - SPECIAL OFFER near spec material

Bester Preis: 0,20 €/ KG
Bester Preis: 0,20 €/ KG

Lieferanten: 13

Sodium nitrate - SPECIAL OFFER near spec material

Artikelnummer: 50256384

Verfügbar für individuelle Anfragen: 816 Tonnen

Verfügbar zum direkten Einkauf: 192000 KG


Zahlungsbedingungen: tbd

Lieferbedingung: EXW

Solar , Construction Applications , Glass Industry , Explosives
Details on this SPECIAL one-time product offering (near spec for Solar but in spec for other technical applications): This product grade is sold and supplied into solar applications. In such the water content is specified to be max. 0.2% (0,2 g/100g). The quantity offered here has a slightly higher water content (between 0,2-0,3%) and is therefore not meeting the specification, all other specification parameters are met. As the offered specification does not contain an anti-caking agent the material's appearance can be described as one big block of sodium nitrate per big bag. It has been stored for a few months in our warehouse. If the described physiognomy is not an obstacle for you as a potential buyer or user of sodium nitrate in any of the common applications the offered volume could be very interesting. Transport of the product: the big bags will be sent either by truck for destinations within Europe or in 20' sea containers (20 big bags with 1.200 kg each) to all other destinations that cannot be served by road
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0,20 €/ KG
0,20 €/ KG

Sodium Nitrate HQ untreated

Verfügbar für individuelle Anfragen: 1 - 500 Tonnen

Zahlungsbedingungen: 30 days

Sodium nitrate

Verfügbar für individuelle Anfragen: 1 - 10000 Tonnen

Verfügbar zum direkten Einkauf: 10000000 KG

Qualitätsstufe: Industry,Food

Lieferbedingung: CPT, Fracht bezahlt bis

Verpackung: Bagged cargo

Sodium Nitrate availble with or without Anit-Caking-Agent, in big bags or 25 kg bags
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