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  • 1,3-Butyleneglycol cosmetic grade

    CAS Nummer: 107-88-0

  • EINECS No: 203-529-7

  • Molekularformel: C4H10O2

  • Molekulargewicht: 90.12 g/mol

  • Synonyme: 1,3-Butylenglykol,1,3-Dihydroxybotane,1-Methyl-1,3-propanediol,1,3-Butyleneglycol cosmetic grade

  • Beschreibung: Butane-1,3-diol is a butanediol compound having two hydroxy groups in the 1- and 3-positions. It is a butanediol and a glycol. It derives from a hydride of a butane and its molecular formula is C4H10O2. It is found in pepper and used as a flavouring ingredient.